Kids Personal Training

Exercise and Healthy Living Habits for Kids

What’s include in the price?:

  • A consultation
  • Tailored meal plan
  • 45 minute sessions
  • Fitness testing (if looking to improve in a certain component of fitness, usually sport related)
  • Weekly weigh in (if looking to lose weight)
  • Results sheet emailed to guardian
  • Fun but challenging sessions provided by a patient, friendly TUSLA approved instructor


” I decided to join Next level fitness and sign up for personal training because I needed to build strength for my sport the discus throw. I was a bit hesitant in joining because I thought I would not be able to increase my strength in time for my final big competition, the all-Irelands.
Since I have been training at next level fitness, I achieved 3 personal best records. The best one being 33.76 metres. What I like most about Saif is that he is pleasant, he really puts his best into training his clients and he is very hard working.
The tailored strength program and personal training sessions were great, I was really helped along with my training. Next level fitness has surpassed my expectations and is suited to enhancing all sports players performance. I am now much stronger, I feel the difference in my body and I am improving immensely in my discus training and competitions.
What I would say to my friends is that next level fitness can definitely improve your health and fitness in a very short space of time. Its a fab gym.”
Martha Quain

” I decided to sign my 2 sons up for kids personal training, I was recommended by a friend ” its a very personal experience, brilliant experience of fitness and healthy eating plan” I am delighted I signed my sons up for kids P.T. What I like most about the service is the package is so comprehensive, private, personal, safe, kind, caring, the attention to detail, correct exercises and great work out.
The boys look forward to going to their P.T sessions every week. Their fitness has improved, their eating healthy and their motivation has increased.
If I was to refer a friend I would say, the truth is brilliant place. I would highly recommend it. ”
Eileen O Donovan

” I was recommended by Jason’s rugby coach as he was finding it difficult to keep up at training and matches. I was hesitant in signing up due to his age only 12years and I didn’t want Jason to be constantly thinking about his weight or I didn’t want to give him a complex.
Since Jason has started kids P.T he is very motivated and has way more energy. His rugby coach has commented on how well he is performing at training and matches.
I like that the personal training is tailored exactly to his age and that it is one to one. I also like the constant encouragement he gets through out his P.T sessions. What I like most about the service is the easy booking system via the free next level fitness mobile app. We have seen a huge difference in physique and attitude to food.
We got a food plan that was tailored correctly for Jason. His eating habits have changed for the better, he gets a great workout and full attention.
3 benefits that I have noticed are, energy levels have improved, he is making way better food choices even on his own and he has lost quite a bit of his excess weight.
If I was to refer a friend I would say. You get what you pay for. Full attention and a realistic food plan. The workout is fun with a wide variety of exercises.
Jason’s self esteem has increased. He feels much better about himself. people used to call him “fat” but now people are commenting on how he has toned up. His cloths fit him better, he loves the workouts and is super happy. ”
Catherine Murphy

” I decided to sign Ethan up for kids personal training, as Ethan had previously attended Next level fitness through Sundays well RFC. He enjoyed it a lot and wanted to continue. What I like most about Kids personal training is Saif’s 1 to 1 approach and his consistency to provide an excellent service. Saif is very reliable and has never cancelled a session. The training includes nutrition and diet plans and Saif’s positive nature always leaves Ethan with a smile.
I am very happy with the results he is getting. Saif is not just a trainer he is a positive mentor.
3 benefits that I have noticed are, an improvement in positive mental attitude, focus and desire to eat healthy and improved fitness and happiness.
If I was to refer a friend I would tell them the service is age appropriate, child is not under excessive pressure, a fabulous variety of training keeps the child interested and Saif is very friendly and approachable. Saif is a very hard worker and we wish Next level fitness every success. ” Ethan went from being a substitute on his Rugby team to star player and captain of his team after 6 months training at Next level fitness.
Aileen Hartigan- Ethan

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