Boxing Classes Cork. Master The Art Of Boxing


What are Boxing Classes?

  • Shadowboxing
  • Footwork drills

  • Advanced punching combinations

  • Defensive techniques

  • Offensive techniques

  • Punching range and distance

  • Punching timing

  • Bag work

  • Pad work

  • Conditioning

  • Core work

  • Skipping

You will also:

  • Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence

  • Lose body fat and get a flat stomach

  • Improve your overall health

  • Learn real self-defence skills

  • Learn a new sport and have fun

  • Reduce stress so you can relax and sleep better

  • Gain self-control and discipline

  • Increase your mental toughness

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Increase speed and power

  • Increase stamina and fitness

What People Say

” Training at Next Level Fitness is really fun and I’m excited to come every week. I just love the adrenaline rush after each class and learning more about boxing as a sport.” – Riona Coleman

” I’ve visit this place almost a year ago and since that time I couldn’t miss a single class. I fully recommend this gym to every person which is looking for boxing basics and who wants to train, look and feel as a boxer.
Have to say that I was really afraid to try for the first time but it was worth it.
Brand new equipment, clean and tidy, coach is very friendly and helpful. ”
Matt Zurabov

” I joined the boxing class because having grown up in a era where some of the greatest boxers were, I never had the opportunity to learn the skills of boxing until now. I was hesitant as I was not the youngest guy in the class, was worried I would not be able to keep up the pace with the rest of the boxing class.
My core fitness has improved dramatically, my mental attitude has positively changed. Saif is a great trainer and a gentleman. The classes are all individually planned, so never boring and great variety. Great commitment is given to providing a quality service, I really enjoy learning the skills of boxing. The boxing class has exceeded my expectations and its a great facility. What I say to my friends is that it doesn’t matter your current level of fitness, your age or gender you will be made very welcome. I love the camaraderie , fun and that you have to leave your ego outside the door. ”
Kevin Long

” Great friendly and clean gym. The addition of boxing to workouts makes it a lot more interesting than many other fitness classes I’ve been to. And they really know their stuff here. They are very professional, classes always start and finish right on time. ”
John O Riordan

“Next Level Fitness is a great place to start an exercise program if your shy about going to the gym because a lot of other gyms are not as welcoming. Saif was very friendly and welcoming from the moment I first came to the gym and continuous to help me everyday with my training. My physique has improved, my boxing has gotten better, and I feel fitter and stronger since joining Next Level Fitness.” – Kevin O Mullane

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