Burn More Calories With Our Boxercise Classes. Have fun while improving your fitness

With boxercise classes you will:

  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  • Lose weight, burn fat and get a flat stomach
  • Look and feel great after each workout
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase your energy levels and productivity
  • Reduce stress, lift your mood and improve quality of sleep
  • Use boxing as an enjoyable form of exercise


” Joining a new gym is always intimidating, but Saif is so friendly and encouraging I was instantly put at ease. My energy levels have increased, my energy levels have improved and I’ve found a new love for boxing.” – Kate McAuliffe

“I’d definitely recommend going to Next Level Fitness if you’re looking for a fun boxercise class to improve your fitness levels and increase your self-confidence. It’s a fantastic workout with excellent variation and good attention to technique.” – Janneke

“I started attending boxercise classes to improve my coordination, agility and cardio fitness. The studio is clean and well-equipped while the staff are pleasant, professional full of motivation. ” – Evelynn Downey

” Saif is kind an encouraging without being your generic gym trainer. He always makes sure I get the most fun for my money. At first I thought Next Level Fitness was intimidating like other gyms, but upon joining I found it to be warm, quiet and welcoming. My confidence has increased and my cardio is through the roof.” – David Lyons

” At first I was afraid of joining a gym on my own, but all the girls at Next Level Fitness are really friendly. Not only do I have more confidence and more energy, but I’ve also made new friends.” Orla Stephens

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