4 week Beginner Boxing Course. Learn the art of boxing and train like a professional

With boxercise classes you will:

  • Shadowboxing
  • Boxing stance and guard position
  • Footwork drills
  • Basic punching combinations
  • Defensive techniques

  • Offensive techniques
  • Bag work

  • Pad Work

  • Core work

  • Skipping

  • Punching range and distance

  • Punching timing


You will also:

  • Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence
  • Learn a new sport and have fun
  • Reduce stress so you can relax and feel better
  • Learn real self-defence skills

  • Improve your physical and mental health

  • Boost your self – esteem

  • Gain self-control and discipline

  • Lose body fat and tone your body

  • Increase your energy levels and productivity

Barry O Donnell

I joined the beginner boxing course to learn the basics of boxing, the facility has great boxing equipment and the trainer knows his stuff. What I like most about the service is the ability of the trainer to teach the very technical aspects of boxing. My upper body strength has increased, I have noticeably bigger arms and I have gained great Knowledge of boxing technique. The course was a great way for me to improve fitness and learn self defence.

Kevin Healy

I joined the beginner boxing course because my fitness level were poor. My fitness has now gone up and I feel much fitter. The trainer was very friendly and competent. The training is great and fast and fun. I have made some new friends since I joined. ”

Chris O Shea

I joined the beginner boxing course as I was looking for a course which would help with fitness but also something which would keep my interest. I was hesitant in joining because I had not exercised properly in a year or 2, so was worried about my fitness, also the technical side of things I thought maybe difficult.

My fitness has now increased significantly. The technical aspect although can be difficult at times is explained clearly and thoroughly. The instructor is patient and will give an extra bit of help and guidance if needed. The exercises and boxing technique is different every week. I have lost over 1/2 a stone, feel better in general, and notice a increase in energy. The classes are exciting, great value for money and the results are worth it.


I joined the boxing course because I had an interest in losing weight and getting fit with something more than just going to the gym. I was a bit hesitant in joining as I had no experience with boxing and being reasonably unfit. I am at ease in the course and I feel I have learned a lot. The trainer is really down to earth and just a nice guy.
Its great exercise and also interesting to learn something new. Since I started the course I have lost weight , improved fitness and learned some boxing technique. What I say to my friends is that the course is suitable for people at any level of fitness. you don’t need to know anything about boxing and you’ll have fun. ”

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