Adults Boxing Lessons.

One-On-One Boxing Lessons. Learn The Art Of Boxing


With boxercise classes you will:

  • Shadowboxing
  • Boxing stance and guard position
  • Footwork drills
  • Basic punching combinations
  • Basic punching combinations
  • Defensive techniques

  • Offensive techniques
  • Bag work

  • Core work

  • Skipping

  • Punching range and distance

  • Punching timing

You will also:

  • Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence
  • Learn a new sport and have fun
  • Reduce stress so you can relax and feel better
  • Learn real self-defence skills

  • Improve your physical and mental health

  • Boost your self – esteem

  • Gain self-control and discipline

  • Lose body fat and tone your body

  • Increase your energy levels and productivity


” I had no boxing experience. I wanted to learn. I tried some boxing classes elsewhere but being a novice I felt out of place. The private lessons option really appealed to me. The first session Saif was friendly, understanding and had a 10 session plan which really impressed me.
I felt he had my best interests in mind. The fact that he has 10 dedicated sessions planned out to improve my skills and fitness is fantastic.
You get a full 55min session, Saif pushes you to improve and constantly gives feedback and encouragement.
I really enjoy how much I feel myself improving in a short space of time. The 10 lessons completely exceeded my expectations. I expected a crowded gym and occasional input from a trainer. Instead I got dedicated training with a 10 session plan, the plan incrementally improves my fitness and boxing every session. My level of boxing has improved much faster than expected, my fitness and strength is improving every session.
I love the flexibility of choosing when my training sessions are by using the free next level fitness app. I can schedule my training when suits my work hours.
What I have said to my friends is, that if you’ve even a passing interest in boxing just do it. Saif builds the sessions around your ability. You get practically your own gym and trainer for a full hour. You’ll love it!
I’m really glad I did this, it’s one of the best things I have done for myself. ”
Conor Mac An Tuile

I had been doing Krav maga when I lived in Galway and I wanted to try something that encouraged strength and fitness, that was more interesting than treadmills and aerobics classes. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as my cardio fitness wasn’t great and I was worried it would prevent me from doing the Boxing lessons.
My sessions are for me alone so my strengths and weaknesses are considered. There is always cardio elements that I can manage and as the weeks go on I find my cardio improving. Saif is a good communicator , encouraging and friendly.
Its a great atmosphere, there are plenty of resources and equipment. Having one to one suits me as each one is building on previous one and my knowledge and skill is increasing too. Its a very comfortable atmosphere to be in. The benefits that I have noticed are my muscle tone is increasing, my stamina is increasing, I feel calmer and more relaxed day to day, stressful situations at work are easier to manage. What I say to my friends is if you’re looking to learn , exercise and enjoy it at the same place then Next level fitness is the right place for you. ”
Lisa Pichot

” Absolutely brilliant gym.
Lessons feel personalised and Saif really knows his stuff.
If you have ever considered giving boxing a try, because you want to learn to fight, or just for fitness, this is the place to start.
Both private lessons and the group boxing are worth doing.
Cant recommend it enough! ”
Richard Barrett

“Next Level Fitness is a great facility that has it all. I’d definitely recommend one-on-one boxing lessons if you want to learn real boxing skills and increase your fitness. ” – Danny

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