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Worried about your fitness? Feeling insecure about your weight? Need help with your diet? At NextLevelFitness we provide a positive, friendly atmosphere with all the support and encouragement you need to succeed. Our aim is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals so you can start enjoying a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle. We use boxing and a wide range of fun fitness classes to elevate your mood, boost your confidence and improve your fitness levels. With our personalized, results-based approach, you’re guaranteed to feel great about the way you look.
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Conor Mac An Tuile

I had no boxing experience. I wanted to learn. I tried some boxing classes elsewhere but being a novice I felt out of place. The private lessons option really appealed to me. The first session Saif was friendly, understanding and had a 10 session plan which really impressed me…

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Lisa Pichot

I had been doing Krav maga when I lived in Galway and I wanted to try something that encouraged strength and fitness, that was more interesting than treadmills and aerobics classes. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as my cardio fitness ….

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Lisa O Sullivan

The reason why I joined the body transformation course was because I needed some extra help to get in shape and the evening hours suited me. Saif understood what I needed and what my goals were as well as understanding everything else I do. He advised me …

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Martha Quain

I decided to join Next level fitness and sign up for personal training because I needed to build strength for my sport the discus throw. I was a bit hesitant in joining because I thought I would not be able to increase my strength in time for my final big competition, the all-Irelands….

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Jason O Reilly

I was looking for this exact type of course, I wanted a gradual step into starting boxing. I was a bit hesitant in joining the course as my fitness levels were poor and I had never done any form of boxing or MMA before. My fitness has definitely improved…

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Donagh O Connell

The reason why I decided to sign up for personal training was because I got into a rut bad habits and put on some weight. I was a bit hesitant to sign up as I didn’t know if I would be up for strenuous workouts at my age (54 years)…

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Ethan Hartigan, Aileen

I decided to sign Ethan up for kids personal training, as Ethan had previously attended Next level fitness through Sundays well RFC. He enjoyed it a lot and wanted to continue. What I like most about Kids personal training is Saif’s 1 to 1 approach and his consistency to provide an excellent service …

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Shayne and Joey-parent Philip O Neill

My kids Shayne and Joey love training at Next level fitness. The staff are friendly and encouraging and really go the extra mile to ensure all the kids are having as much fun as possible. The kids boxing lessons were a great way for Shayne and Joey to boost their confidence …

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Rob Johnston

I wanted to get my weight under control. The course was ideal to do that. Before I signed up for the course I was afraid it would be too intense. I was hesitant the timetable would not suit. I was also worried I would not be able to stick to the training and the diet. When I started the course the workouts were hard…

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