Secondary School Fitness Classes Cork City

Keep your students fit and healthy

What are Secondary School Group Fitness Classes?

Keep your students active with our 6-week fitness program designed to teach students the value of exercise through a variety of resistance training exercises with hands-on demonstration in a state-of-the -art facility. Suitable for both boy and girl students from 1st to 6th year.

With Secondary School Group Fitness Classes your students will:

✅Participate in a variety of fun fitness classes

✅Learn over 20 resistance training exercises

✅Learn effective exercise techniques to keep healthy

✅Learn how to properly use gym equipment

✅Boost their confidence and self-esteem

✅Improve their focus and productivity in the classroom

✅Improve their overall fitness levels and mood

Secondary School Fitness Classes

NextLevelFitness has a great setup with friendly, capable staff to help you improve regardless of your fitness levels. It’s good to see the students participating in a physical activity and developing an understanding of different types of training.

Shane Geasley – Teacher At St.Aidan’s Community School

Saif is very pleasant to work with and very well organised. He always goes the extra mile to educate and help the students. The gym has the perfect equipment for what we need and the students enjoy taking part in physical exercise even when they’re not doing any other exercise outside of school.

Natalie Kenny – Teacher At St.Aidan’s Community School