4 week Beginner Boxing Course

Learn the art of boxing and train like a professional

Do you find standard boxing clubs too intimidating?

The Beginners Boxing Course is a 4-week technical boxing course that consists of 8 technical classes where you will be trained like a professional boxer. It’s suitable for anyone with a keen interest in boxing as well as those looking to get fit and start a new sport. The course starts with basic boxing techniques and fundamentals before progressing onto more advanced techniques and combinations. Develop practical self-defence skills while improving your fitness levels and toning your body. €100 total price.

What’s included in the price:

8 group boxing lessons

1 month gym membership

3 class passes

Boxing Bootcamp.3

With the Beginners Boxing Course you will learn:


✅Boxing stance and guard position

✅Footwork drills

✅Basic punching combinations

✅Defensive techniques

✅Offensive techniques

✅Bag work

✅Pad Work

✅Core work


✅Punching range and distance

✅Punching timing

You will also:

✅Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence

✅Learn a new sport and have fun

✅Reduce stress so you can relax and feel better

✅Learn real self-defence skills

✅Improve your physical and mental health

✅Boost your self-esteem

✅Gain self-control and discipline

✅Lose body fat and tone your body

✅Increase your energy levels and productivity