One-On-One Boxing Lessons

Learn The Art Of Boxing

NextLevelFitness is a great facility that has it all. I’d definitely recommend one-on-one boxing lessons if you want to learn real boxing skills and increase your fitness.

– Danny

Boxing Lessons In Cork City

Would you like to learn how to box? But find standard boxing clubs too intimidating? Boxing offers one of the most enjoyable and challenging workouts of any sports. One-on-one boxing lessons will help you reach your personal fitness goals while keeping your workouts fun and interesting. Learn correct technique while burning up to 1000 calories per workout, and improve the way your body looks by getting fit, losing weight and toning your body.

Boxing Coaching for Adults.2

With One-On-One Boxing Lessons you will learn:


✅Footwork drills

✅Basic and Advanced punching combinations

✅Defensive techniques

✅Offensive techniques

✅Punching range and distance

✅Punching timing

✅Bag work

✅Pad work


✅Core work


You will also:

✅Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence

✅Learn a new sport and have fun

✅Reduce stress so you can relax and feel better

✅Learn real self-defence skills

✅Improve your physical and mental health

✅Boost your self-esteem

✅Gain self-control and discipline

✅Lose body fat and tone your body

✅Increase your energy levels and productivity

Boxing Coaching for Adults.3