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How to select the best boxing gloves to suit your child

Children are getting into sports and fitness at younger ages. If your child is becoming interested in kickboxing, karate or boxing, then you may be in the searching for boxing gloves for your child.

Boxing gloves are standard equipment for both youth and adults who are getting into the sport.

Boxing gloves are going to be smaller for a child. This means that a child shouldn’t be using gloves for an adult. Adult boxing gloves will be too heavy and big for the child to use safely.

Youth boxing gloves are similar to adult ones but are smaller and lighter. They typically are sold in sizes ranging from four ounces up to eight ounces.

How to Select the best boxing gloves for kids
Select boxing gloves for your Child


Choose a lighter glove for a smaller child and the heavier gloves for an older teen. Next level Fitness Gym Cork have children’s and Adult Classes, for both male and females of all ages.

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