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Demonstration Health Seminars in Cork

Personal Training Classes Cork City North Business Park, Dublin Hill County Cork

Our Personal trainers offer a one-to-one private workout session with a professional trainer. Your trainer will assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for some variety in your existing program, your personal trainer will help you reach your goals. Learn the different weight training and cardiovascular equipment and receive personal instruction on exercise technique. Personal training offers in-depth education and motivation needed to guide you towards lifetime fitness. Each personal training session is an hour long and each package includes nutritional advice and a free first session.


Anatomy, Physiology and Mythology: A light introduction on these subjects

Sports Nutrition: the application of the science of nutrition to performance enhancement in sport

Concepts and Components of Health Related Fitness

Exercise Physiology

Flexibility and Stretching

Resistance Training

Machine and free weight exercises

Core stability and bodyweight training

Role of the Personal Trainer in business, ethics and professional responsibilities

Client appraisal and motivational interviewing

Fitness assessment

Functional Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Circuit training

Plan, design and evaluate gym based programmes

Plan, design and evaluate group fitness classes

Plan, design and evaluate a periodic training programme for an individual client

Kettlebell Training

Ensure the health safety of participants

Exercise and special conditions

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