Advanced Boxing Classes

Master The Art Of Boxing

What are Advanced Boxing Classes?

Advanced boxing classes are suitable for intermediate level boxers who wish to continuously improve their boxing skills through advanced boxing drills, techniques and technical sparring.

With Advanced Boxing classes you will learn:


✅Footwork drills

✅Advanced punching combinations

✅Defensive techniques

✅Offensive techniques

✅Punching range and distance

✅Punching timing

✅Bag work

✅Pad work


✅Core work


Boxing Weight Loss Program

You will also:

✅ Achieve a fighter’s physique and confidence

✅Lose body fat and get a flat stomach

✅Improve your overall health

✅Learn real self-defence skills

✅Learn a new sport and have fun

✅Reduce stress so you can relax and sleep better

✅Gain self-control and discipline

✅Increase your mental toughness

✅Boost your self-esteem

✅Increase speed and power

✅Increase stamina and fitness